Jennifer Mason, National Hunt Trainer

Jennifer’s background in horses started like most, Pony Club! After leaving school she focused on pursuing a career in Eventing which included working for William Fox-Pitt where she gained valuable experience. Jennifer has enjoyed a sound record for producing young horses up to two star level eventing. Eventually she found the love of racing too strong, something which all started whilst riding out for Robert & Sally Alner near her family home in Dorset.

Jennifer spent a year in Lambourn where she worked and rode out for Jamie Osborn, Richard Pitman and Oliver Sherwood and occasionally rode out for Nicky Henderson, the latter giving her the leg up on the Queen's horse, Promotion, to win a charity race at Newbury! After leaving Lambourn Jennifer moved to the Cotswolds where she soon met Peter by selling him a race horse no less!!

Jennifer gave up eventing in 2009 to concentrate on running the Point to Point business with Peter whom she married in June 2010. Since then it has been non-stop racing and no time for anything else, especially since the recent acquisition of her National Hunt trainers licence. It's a very exciting time for Jennifer and Peter. Ambitions, commitment and the welfare of the horses are the core values by which they conduct themselves and their business.




Jennifer Mason Racing

Jennifer Mason Racing

Jennifer Mason Racing

Peter Mason, Point-to-Point Trainer

Peter grew up with a strong hunting background, involving Pony Club and family Point to pointers.

After leaving school, Peter went straight into a career with horses.

Peter has gained experience working in several different racing yards in England and Ireland, including for Edward O’Grady.

Peter is an accomplished point-to-point jockey having ridden over 50 winners on the point field and hunter chasing. Peter spent a season as point-to-point stable jockey for well-known racehorse owner Richard Kelvin Hughes and after that set up his own point-to-point yard at the family home in Ablington, where he is now based with Niff. Peter has a good reputation for producing young horses to the race track from breaking them in to becoming a maiden winner.

Peter is also in charge of running the family arable farm and rearing the beef herd. All in all, a busy man!




Jennifer Mason Racing

Jennifer Mason Racing

Jennifer Mason Racing

Molly Mason

Molly Rose Mason is our gorgeous little girl, born August 2013, and has been a delight in our life ever since. She loves spending time trying to help out in the yard! A good sign for the future......! She is very much a "daddy's girl" and they often go wandering off together on the farm. She has a lovely Shetland called Thumper who is one of the most important four-leggeds on the yard spending most of his time being a transport companion to the races. Thumper came from the Longsdon's after being outgrown by their children. We are very lucky to have him as is Molly.




Bella Lowes

Bella has been with us for several years, right from when we started, riding out and helping part-time. She has had a similar upbringing with horses through pony club and eventing based at her family home in Devon. Bella has done a lot of breaking and pre-training work and is a very quiet rider making her brilliant with the young horses. This makes her a huge asset to our yard and an integral part of the team.





Lewis Gordon

Lewis spent two years with us from 2011 - 2013 having come from the racing school and a stint at Nicky Henderson, he had some experience but had never had the chance to jump and fences or race ride. We chucked him in at the deep end sending him Team Chasing which he took to instantly. We gave him his first ever ride in a Point-to-Point and later that season his first ever win on a horse called Gypsy Mark. He is a serious talent on a horse and the hardest working lad we have ever had in the yard. We are very close to Lewis as he became part of our family and will always remain so.

He now works as Conditional Jockey to Evan Williams and in his first season there has ridden three winners. Becoming a jockey is a hard career to stick at but Lewis has the drive and determination to do it. He has ridden a few horses for us under rules and went very close, finishing second at Ludlow, on Shy John. He will continue to ride some of our horses and we wish him all the luck in the future.









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